Why Dragons

Written for Levana Protocol.

The dragon is Levana’s symbol, mascot, and logo. Users of Levana’s leveraged trading products are called Dragon Riders.

Cultures around the world have bestowed upon the dragon different meanings. In eastern lore, dragons bring luck and fortune. They grant wishes, bestow treasures, and act as a supernatural ally for those lucky enough to chance an encounter with one.

In western culture, the dragon has largely played the villain. Powerful creatures out of man’s control, dragons are often portrayed doing nefarious things like stealing princesses, burning down villages, and hoarding wealth.

Trading with Leverage

Levana opens strategies for taking leveraged positions. Leverage, like the dragon, brings extraordinary potential to the natural world. This enables Levana’s users to be granted superior strategies to gain wealth faster than traditional, non-leveraged strategies.

Low flying, safer dragon riders will skim the trees with 2x leverage. Later, increased leveraged products will come from Levana’s offerings — leading to high flying dragons who soar amongst the clouds at 10x leverage or higher, offering riders unimaginable vantages from which to hold the world in their hands.

The Levana community, who leverage trade on the platform, will be riders of the dragon. Those who enable riders by providing liquidity to Levana will be the dragon keepers.

Dragon’s Den

The dragon is a symbol of the duality of man and nature. Dragons without man to imagine them never reach their full capability.

Man without dragon is earthbound, unable to reach greatest return, that is: unlimited potential on limited assets. As with dragons, there is a duality to trading with leverage. It requires belief and conviction. Leveraged traders are riding market volatility.

Levana helps to minimize risk due to automated rebalancing. The system’s keeper bots automatically manage the rolling up or down of leverage, making it safer and more optimized for traders on the platform.

Danger remains, however, as in black swan events such as a 30% candle drop in the span of 10 minutes. The dragon may in fact burn down the village and all its valuables therein.

Levana’s decentralized leverage platforms will require large sums of liquidity to operate. In return for liquidity, participants will earn Levana farming rewards.

Ecosystem participants working in concert will unlock new strategies. The Levana ecosystem will reward those who enable the riders, and further reward those who ride the dragon successfully. Airdrops will be divided amongst active community members. In a future post we will outline what it takes to become a community member.

More Info:

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/Levana_protocol

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