REKT Dragons for all LUNAtics

Elan Neiger
3 min readJun 5, 2022


Rekt on Terra?

As Levana readies to warp chains, we want to commiserate with, thank, and reward our community and the wider Terra ecosystem for helping each other, staying strong, and believing in our vision of onboarding a massive audience to Web3 through DeFitainment.

Terra experienced a supernova in early May. Together we experienced pain as Luna and UST vaporized in the disaster, leaving many of us feeling Rekt. But, as winners know, REKT is only a state of mind.

What are REKT Dragons?

To prove you survived, we’re releasing an exclusive Rekt Dragons NFT collection for Levana Community members and members of the wider Terra ecosystem who got REKT along with us.

Despite the carnage, you demonstrated extraordinary resilience, fortitude, and good humor as we navigated the debris field together.

REKT Dragons have 12 day jobs, various states of wellness, disguises, and rarity.

To get a REKT Dragon, you must have a Dragon Wallet.

Dragon Wallets:

Dragon Wallets are free to create, and help us identify you and your REKT status on Terra, on our new home. They serve as a link between your Terra wallet and our new home. The Dragon Wallet is generated from a seed phrase of 24 words. Make sure to back up your seed phrase and wallet address to eventually claim your NFT. Read more about Levana Dragon Wallets in our Community Update blog post.

So how do I get a REKT Dragon NFT?

  • Create a Dragon Wallet before June 8th, 10:00 UTC
  • Provide your email address to subscribe for REKT status updates
  • As soon as Levana warps to our new chain, you’ll be invited to Mint your REKT Dragon NFT on Levana’s new home.

What is Levana?

Levana is a community of adventurers, free-thinkers, and fantasy & Sci-Fi enthusiasts who believe in the promise of Web3: Self-sovereignty and freedom through decentralization of assets, data and governance.

We’re a gamified DeFi / NFT protocol and DAO with a mission to expand crypto and DeFi’s impact on the world, through storytelling, adventure and entertainment.

Support our community and help each other fly through these turbulent times


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