Levana Protocol Community Update

  1. Connect your Terra wallet (using Classic) at https://dragonwallet.levana.finance/
  2. Review Warpable Levana NFTs
  3. Create Dragon Wallet Seed Phrase and Key and store it safely
  4. Confirm the page refreshed and a “Ready to Warp” message is displayed
  1. Ledger support workflow 1: To manually send messages to the smart contract- follow the on screen instructions below
  2. Ledger support workaround 2: Move a small amount of funds with a memo field.
  3. Ledger support workflow 3: Move your Levana NFTs to a “hot” wallet until warping
“We came here from Terra, riding in the belly of Dragons”



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Elan Neiger

Elan Neiger

A crypto and blockchain addict, bank hater and nearly full time podcast listener