Levana Lore — Part 2 of 5

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Coordinates: RA 11h 11m 17s | Dec +6° 15′ 29

Lunae Planum, Mars

Two Martian years passed since the meteor arrived and revealed the baby dragon within.

For safety, the council sought to keep the baby dragon apart from the colony. The Council Elders quickly lost their fear of the small creature’s rambunctious and friendly behavior. The dragon showed intelligence and affection to all Martians, and was soon adopted by the colony as a sort of pet. In time it became the community mascot, their own live avatar showing the colony’s unique place in the universe.

Yes! Baby dragons are coming…

Mars has one main source of power, the Luna orb. These are mined by hand, due to how fragile and sensitive they are.

Early Martian explorers discovered that Luna orbs glow faintly around all living things. Videos recorded on the mining rigs showed that when separated from living beings, Luna orbs lay dormant and dull. Their molecular patterns enable them to hide their shapes deep underground. Only around life do the Luna orbs reveal themselves, and so the delicate work of mining orbs became the job of early Martian explorers and colonizers. Finding and mining orbs is exciting work, so they devised a system of lotteries and games to determine who would do this task.

When the Council of Elders returned from the meteor crash site, they ordered a special place be built for the baby dragon to stay. It had soft perches made of synthetic dragon wool for the creature, and inlets with shade to protect the baby’s dragon skin from the strong rays of Sol overhead. The Elders decreed the gate to the dragon’s home be locked at night, to keep the dragon safe within the colony. Maybe the Elders already recognized the potential danger and power the mysterious creature had, despite it’s small form.

Although the young dragon had small, curled wings, the Council of Elders could not managed to persuade the creature to fly. At best, they ran alongside it, and with leaping gallops, the dragon would begin to ascend a few feet into the Martian atmosphere before quickly touching ground again. Its wings, however, remained curled while they ran. It was almost as if the idea of flapping those muscles and unfurling its potential and power never occurred to the baby dragon at all.

In time, the Council of Elders grew tired from the lack of apparent change in their living avatar, and the creature was left as a plaything of the young Martians. Some of those young Martians were in training, and some would one day be chosen as members of the next Council of Elders. As we all know, this is the circle of life.

The small dragon was always drawn to the boisterous, adventurous children, and they were drawn to the dragon in return. The tiny beast played happily with the Martian young, and formed deep connections with the most outrageous and fearless of them.

Amongst the kindest and bravest of the adventurous young Martians was a girl named Zahava. Zahava is a form of the ancient term for gold. Zahava loved to play with the young dragon, and of all the Martians, she spent the most time alone with it. At night, she would often find the small dragon staring at the glowing pair of Martian moons. Inspired, Zahava began calling the dragon Levana, an ancient Earthly term for the white Moon. The name fit, and Levana recognized the sound as its own.

Zahava would often sneak out and visit Levana in the night. Opening the gate and running free, together in the pale darkness, with the stars illuminating the Fields of Mars below.

One night, as the rest of the colony slept, the ground began to shake. Suddenly, everyone in the colony was woken by a massive energy surge coming from the surface of the planet. The black night sky crackled with lightning, and then the Martian winds picked up, turning the surface weather violent and unstable.

Rushing outside, the Council Elders were shocked to find that Levana had feasted upon an entire harvest of Luna orbs. The orbs had been left uncovered within their main underground storage chamber. The dragon had consumed enough Luna orbs to power the colony for an entire year.

Furious, the Council soon learned that Zahava had let the dragon out of its compound, and fallen asleep without locking the gate. The devastation to the colony was significant.

Over the next few nights Levana doubled in size, and then doubled in size again.

With the dragon suddenly growing so rapidly, the Council decided to capture the creature, and keep it locked up in a nearby crater for the safety of the community. Setting out to take Levana into custody, the Elders were stopped by Zahava, who begged them not to change the way their beloved mascot (and her best friend) was treated by the community. The Elders brushed her aside, and continued their mission to take the dragon away by force.

In stealth, the Elders surrounded the dragon, and planned to take it with electrified ropes and harnesses. Before they could move, Zahava rushed forward and grabbed onto Levana’s neck. The dragon quickly dipped its head, and flipped Zahava onto its back.

Both Zahava and the Elders were stunned, as Levana leapt forward and begin pumping its wings. Bounding forward, the large beast beat its wings faster and took flight for the very first time, leaving a wave of red Martian sand as it rose. The Elders watched in shocked amazement as Levana and Zahava took to the sky.

The first dragon rider

Stay Tuned for the exciting continuation of Levana Lore — Part 3

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