Levana Faction Wars: The Second Uprising

  • Levana is a gamified DeFi protocol built on Terra, launching soon
  • The Faction Wars is an innovative token distribution method
  • Participants will receive an airdrop of the upcoming LVN tokens, which are the governance tokens of Levana Protocol
  • Factions (teams) participate in tasks and missions to build up Spirit Levels and Achievements. SL and achievements accumulate to individual players and their associated factions, which is recorded in the metadata of the Talismans
  • Participate for fun, because conquering Mars and raising dragons is awesome
  • Help your team win by participating in individual and team tasks so you can increase the rarity of your Talisman and grow your team’s lead.
  • Completing the Faction Wars will result in higher Spirit Levels leading up to the Levana Airdrop.
  1. Get a talisman for the Faction you want to join (Nest, or the secondary markets)
  2. Play the first Faction Wars mini-game, Salim’s Adventure, on behalf of yourself and your Faction (if you haven’t played already)
  3. Stake Talisman and join that Faction (https://factions.levana.finance/ )
  4. Get ready for the war by recruiting friends, and gathering resources. The war begins 22.2.22
  5. Follow your Faction socials here: Terrans, Council, Free Martians, and Guardians and join our discord
  • You will get a Spirit Level boost
  • You will get a new NFT which will be used in the next game
  • Your share of 100K Spirit Level worth of [redacted] prizes distributed to the winning teams
  • A Levana Talisman NFT is required, which was distributed freely to the Levana community and other NFT communities. There are also minor spam-prevention fees
  • No. But the more you do, the more you help your faction, earn prizes, and level up your Talisman
  • OG Member Talismans achieve higher rewards than 3rd party Talismans
  • Premiers organize and communicate for your faction
  • Premiers collect higher rewards than the rest of the Talisman types
  • The Levana Dragons game is designed to be fun
  • It eclipses specific tasks and is designed to spill into Discord and Twitter
  • Points will be rewarded for playing the game with gusto
  1. Click on your wallet on the upper right-hand corner.
  2. Click on My Items
  • Levana is a gamified DeFi protocol built on Terra, launching soon
  • The Faction Wars are a way to build community engagement and create a novel token distribution method
  • Over the next 12 months, Levana will release a series of DeFi applications for trading leverage, as well as NFTs and adventure minigames.
  • In roughly 12 months time, Levana will release a large scale Metaverse game which will attract a greater number of players, similar to DeFi Kingdoms
  • Our products fuse DeFi and entertainment, creating experiences focused on adventure, speculation, risk, reward, and at the heart of it all — FUN.
  • Levana is dedicated to creating products and experiences that bring Adventure and mass adoption of DeFi to the Terra ecosystem.
  • DMs are always open.



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