Faction War Update

  • Council 578
  • Guardians 521
  • Terrans 616
  • Free Martians 668
  • Council 77
  • Free Martians 417
  • Guardians 37
  • Terrans 151
  1. Get a talisman for the Faction you want to join (Via Nesting a dragon egg, or acquire one on the secondary markets)
  2. Play the first Faction Wars mini-game, Salim’s Adventure, on behalf of yourself and your Faction (if you haven’t played already)
  3. Stake your Talisman and join that Faction (https://Factions.levana.finance/ )
  4. Help your faction by completing quests, recruiting friends, and making noteworthy memes.
  5. Follow your Faction socials here: Terrans, Council, Free Martians, and Guardians, as well as joining the Levana Discord server



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Elan Neiger

Elan Neiger


A crypto and blockchain addict, bank hater and nearly full time podcast listener