Faction War Update

Elan Neiger
6 min readJun 15, 2022

The Levana Faction Wars rages on between the four Factions of Mars:

It will continue until the LVN token generation event. The outcome of the war will impact the distribution of the upcoming LVN token airdrop.

To date, 5 games have been released as part of the battle:

Psy-ops and discrete negotiations have been rumored; spies are known to join Faction Discord chats, and follow each other’s Twitter in order to get the scoop on where teams stand.

Mid Game Stats

Follower count for each Faction’s twitter:

  • Council 578
  • Guardians 521
  • Terrans 616
  • Free Martians 668

Gem Hunt Quest 1 completions:

  • Council 77
  • Free Martians 417
  • Guardians 37
  • Terrans 151

The Free Martians Faction maintain an early lead:

While The Council are winning the War of the Memes

Followed closely by the Guardians

And the Terrans

While the Free Martian’s Mic Dropped this quote:

“We don’t bother making memes…we just win” — Free Martians

Global stats:

Spirit Level over time:

Dragons Over time:

The Council is facing resistance not seen since the last Martian Civil War, over 100 years ago. While the battle rages, a war of the words is taking place in cyberspace

As always, The Council display their helpful attitude:

Helpfully Memed:

The Council seems confident this war will end in their favor…

Though other Factions are determined to shift the global balance.

Dragon Cards Game

The Dragons Card Game is another Terra first: a game played fully on Testnet. Levana’s mission is not only to delight and entertain, but also to educate. Releasing a game on testnet is another example of how the Levana team strives to push the boundaries of the space; doing things no other project has done.

Over 1900 people learned about testnet via the Levana Dragon Cards game:

Levana Dragon Cards Current Stats

In Percentage

In Numbers

Memes are an important front of the war

AMA’s and Egg Giveaways: it pays to follow along

RandomEarth: total trading volume to date

Meme Contest Egg Giveaway

The next battle in the Faction War is a meme contest. The Winner from each Faction will receive a Levana Dragon egg.

What’s next?

Every 24–72 hours, the Faction War has another quest, adventure, or challenge. Make sure to check into the site https://factions.levana.finance/ or in the Discord and on Twitter to see what you can do to advance your own position and your Faction to the leaderboard.

How can I join the Faction War?

  1. Get a talisman for the Faction you want to join (Via Nesting a dragon egg, or acquire one on the secondary markets)
  2. Play the first Faction Wars mini-game, Salim’s Adventure, on behalf of yourself and your Faction (if you haven’t played already)
  3. Stake your Talisman and join that Faction (https://Factions.levana.finance/ )
  4. Help your faction by completing quests, recruiting friends, and making noteworthy memes.
  5. Follow your Faction socials here: Terrans, Council, Free Martians, and Guardians, as well as joining the Levana Discord server


What is the Levana Faction War?

The Faction War is a multi-adventure NFT experience offered by Levana Protocol on the Terra blockchain.

Do I have to do it?

Participation is optional.

Why should I play?

The first Faction War event concludes with the launch and airdrop of the Levana LVN token. Significant rewards (250,000 SL) in the form of Levana Dragons Spirit Level are up for grabs to the winning faction of the war, in addition to individual participant awards for heroics and bravery.

How do I play?

The Faction War assignments (quests) as well as personal and Faction leaderboards are accessible at all times from Factions.Levana.Finance. To view the current Faction War status and quests, a connected wallet must have a Talisman staked to a Faction. Only one Talisman can be staked per wallet.

What if I came late or want to leave the War early?

Unstaking a talisman during the War removes personal quests and accomplishments from the individual player, and from their Faction. Staked Talismans will be updated with individual achievements as well as Spirit Level at the conclusion of the War.

How do I know what’s happening?

Many aspects of the Faction War happen within the Levana Discord and the Twitter accounts of each of the Factions. Make sure to join the Levana Discord channel of your Faction, and verify your Faction status after staking a Talisman to get the full benefits of the community and possible Spirit Level reward opportunities.

Why is Levana so complicated?

Levana is building something unique.

Starting with evolving NFTs, the NFT based Faction War, and progressing to a full DeFi-tainment model of a leveraged financial platform of perpetual swaps built upon entertainment to avoid the normal DeFi pump and dump scenarios.

To do all of that, for thousands of participants around the globe, requires constant innovation and delivery. If you are looking for am NFT to sit in your wallet and look cool — maybe Levana isn’t for you. If you are looking for a radically innovative approach to NFTs and DeFi, the most exciting things happening in this space on Terra are happening right here. Stick around.

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