DRAGON EGG Meme Contest

  1. Make a Meme for your Faction
  2. Post it on Twitter with #TerraNFT , #LevanaMEME ,#LUNAtics, #Gamefi and tag your Faction’s Twitter account
  3. Spread your Meme like wildfire and tag Levana and your Faction (possible destinations include 9gag, Imgur, Reddit, etc).
  4. Take your Tweet and post it in the #Meme-Challenge discord channel
  5. Premiers will choose their favorite memes; your meme has a chance to be retweeted from your Faction’s Twitter account.
  6. One winner from each Faction will be chosen. The winners will receive a Levana Dragon egg



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Elan Neiger

Elan Neiger

A crypto and blockchain addict, bank hater and nearly full time podcast listener