DeFi-tainment: The key to the next 100 million Users

  1. Entertainment and gamification can be a power tool to educate and onboard a massive audience to DeFi
  2. DeFi is too complicated for casual users, most new participants in crypto are entering via entertainment
  3. A token model based on a hybrid of farming governance tokens and gamified NFTs can create long term incentives for participants coming from the Web2 world
DeFi Pulse reported Market Cap Jan 30th, 2022
DeFi Llama reported Market Cap Jan 30th, 2022
Axie Monster being shocked at all the growth
  • Buying random (meme) coins with hope of making massive gains
  • Centralized futures trading / leverage trading
  • Play 2 Earn Gaming
  • NFT Flipping
not to scale
a Levana Dragon nesting
happy dragon
thats right, we are talking about you
  • Building a dedicated community
  • Solving the mercenary farmer crisis
  • Long term alignment of interest
  • Deflationary token economics
  • Additional revenue streams
  1. Set up a Terra Wallet Chrome Extension
  2. Pick up some meteors on the secondary market
  3. Your Mission: Join the Faction War and play P2E mini games to bring points to your faction in the battle for the future of Dragons of Mars



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Elan Neiger

Elan Neiger


A crypto and blockchain addict, bank hater and nearly full time podcast listener